Automated Software Testing

Improved Quality. Reliable Performance.

You want to release your application as fast as possible without compromising the quality and risking your reputation. Instead of spending a lot of time on repetitive human testing, use our software test automation services. Our Software Test Automation Services Include:
Desktop Test Automation Services ● Mobile Test Automation Services ● Web Test Automation Services
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Choose An Automated Testing Framework That is Right For You


Linear Automation Framework

One of the quickest and easiest ways to generate test scripts. This framework doesn’t require much expertise because there is no need to write custom code. The downfall of this framework, however, is that the scripts are not reusable making future maintenance a hassle.


Modular Based Testing Framework

Testers using this framework divide the application into units or sections where they are tested separately. When the code is updated, it only impacts that particular section, leaving the rest of the application untouched. This a great advantage but it does not allow for the usage of multiple data sets. This framework also requires more programming knowledge.


Keyword Driven Testing Framework

Although this is a more time-consuming framework and requires more technical expertise, its modular-like structure allows for easier scalability, test maintenance, and high degree of reusability.


Data-Driven Framework

This framework allows for tests to be executed with multiple data sets for multiple scenarios. This makes testing much faster and time saving. Testers using this framework need to have a lot of experience in multiple programming languages.


Hybrid Testing Framework

Combining two or more of the frameworks mentioned above, this framework attempts to benefit from the strengths of the chosen frameworks.


Behavior Driven Development Framework

This framework allows for non-technical team members to take part in creating test specifications.



We have provided automated quality assurance and testing services for U.S. companies of all size in many industries including the following:


Manufacturing & Logistics




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Desktop | CodedUI, CUITE, Winium Mobile | Appium, Xamarin Test Cloud Web | Protractor, SilkTest, Selenium, Robot, Karma

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Choose Integrant For Your Automated Software & QA Testing Services

When you’re looking for an automated software testing company, you want a vendor that has the technical and communication skills to understand your needs, make suggestions, then implement it as efficiently as possible with the future in mind. Here are some of the reasons why U.S. companies choose us for their QA testing services:

Top Talented Testers

Our testers are seasoned programmers in many languages. This allows us to utilize different frameworks and create automated tests.


Open Communication

We ask questions to understand what’s important for you, then we create an automated testing process that fits your needs.


Strategic Test Architects

Our automated test architects mastered the art of creating testing processes that align with your goals.


Ample Test Coverage

We will consult with you to understand your needs then create processes to get to a test coverage percentage based on your needs.


Training Options

We give you the option to choose whether you would like our team to train your in-house team.

Full Stack Development

Scalable Tests

We think long-term, so we create automated test processes that will save you time and money and yield the best ROI in the long run.

Why Automate Software Testing?


Save Time

Software test automation allows for the reuse of test scripts and ability to replicate testing across different platforms. Not to mention, testing via automation takes significantly less time than manual testing.

Improved Software Quality & Reliability

With manual human testing there is always more room for error. Test automation on the other hand, helps you achieve consistent and accurate results.

Reduced Costs

When you’re saving time and fixing bugs early on, you are also saving money.

Improved ROI

Test automation is a big investment for many, but it is one that yields a positive ROI in the long-term.

Faster Time to Market

The faster you get through the testing phase, the faster you will be able to confidently launch your product.

Advanced Testing Capabilities

With QA test automation, we can write scripts that run complicated scenarios efficiently. You can easily run tests across thousands of mobile phones. Doing the equivalent manually would take forever.

Looking to outsource automated software testing?

In addition to building the app, our QA team specializes in test automation to save you time and money on testing, while also improving the quality of your app. If you’re looking for mobile app development outsourcing or testing services, talk to us!