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At Integrant, we know that our success relies on every member of our team from every department. Team members who are not just technically sound but exude the values that we have identified as keys to our success. Interested in growing with us? Check out our open positions using the link below.

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Company Promise

Integrant will provide a respectful, transparent atmosphere free of discrimination of any type to allow every employee the time, resources, and opportunity to develop and grow to their fullest potential.

Integrant Benefits

Our leadership team prioritizes providing the best working environment for each employee so they’re able to perform at their best and be in the right position to take their careers to the next level. Here are just some of the many perks you’ll find at Integrant


Flexible Working Hours

We know working with US clients can be challenging due to the time difference. We offer flexible working hours because we know work/life balance is important.


Work from Home

ur employees are our first priority. For everyone’s safety, we will continue to work from home until the pandemic is under control and it is safe to return to the office.


Competitive Salary and Full Benefits

We offer competitive, sustainable salaries paid in USD with the opportunity for an annual merit increase. We provide all employees with full medical benefits.  When we’re in the office, we also have regular doctors onsite who are available to meet with you.


Onsite Amenities

When we’re onsite, we have a cafeteria that provides meal options in addition to a games area where you can challenge your colleague to a friendly (or not so friendly) game of ping pong. An outdoor rooftop also gives you space to take a break or we’ve even put important football matches on the big screen.


Career Advancement and Training

Each employee has their own career development plan to help them advance in their career. We provide in-house training in technologies, soft skills, and English. Integrant has specialized career tracks because we want people to grow into the right roles.


Varied Experience

We are lucky to have the opportunity to work in several industries and in many technologies. This also gives you international experience with our customers being headquartered in the US but with several of our companies having global offices or partnered vendors.


Travel Opportunities

Our engineers travel onsite (when it’s safe!) at a regular interval to understand project requirements better and to build better rapport.


Events and Celebrations

We love celebrations (and especially food) at Integrant. Along with regular all-staff meetings (where there’s always dessert), we plan for annual company outings, regular team bonding, and we’re always looking for ways to celebrate individual and team successes. Our fun committee is busy!


Types of Projects You'll Work On

At Integrant, we want our engineers to constantly learn and grow. While we do have some legacy projects that we support, we use programs like 4Plus1 to make sure engineers can work on varied projects and get the training they need to advance their careers. We also have some really exciting innovative upcoming projects. You’ll have to join the team to find out more!

Enterprise Manufacturing Mobile App
Enterprise Healthcare Mobile App
Enterprise Medical Device Web App
In-house Java Recommendation Engine
Enterprise Pharma Web App with AI Component as the Next Stage

Integrant Engineers

At Integrant, we work hard, but we know it’s worth the reward. These are some of the key characteristics that define an Integrant engineer:



We’re relentless in our pursuit of success, in solving problems, and never giving up no matter how tough it gets.



We know not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but we do our best to keep open communication and know that everyone’s goal is a one-team win.



Coupled with ownership, our engineers are ready to link hands and come together as a team to provide the needed solutions to win as a team regardless of where the obstacles are coming from.



Our engineers are ready. They’re ready to go, ready for anything, ready to tackle challenges, and ready to evolve and succeed.<



We want everyone to have the same opportunity to succeed and shine and to have a sportsmanship and camaraderie that lasts from team to team.



Last, but not least, our engineers are service-oriented. Internally and externally, we are committed to providing value, ensuring stability and reducing risk, being easy to work with, providing transparency, and solving problems on a daily basis.

Advancement Opportunities

We’ve carefully constructed our advancement paths so that each person can fully develop and discover their passion. Some of our engineers are more technically focused, which is why there is a technical track, while our more business-focused engineers go a project management track, and our people-focused engineers go into our management track, just to name a few. Enter at the title that matches your previous work experience and work with us to grow your career. Check out two examples below then contact us to learn more!

Project Management Track

  • Software Engineer I
  • Software Engineer II
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Technical Project Lead I
  • Technical Project Lead II
  • Senior Technical Project Lead
  • Principal Technical Project Lead
  • VP of Delivery

Technical Track

  • Software Engineer I
  • Software Engineer II
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer II
  • Senior Lead Software Engineer
  • Architect
  • Senior Architect
  • VP of Engineering

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