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At Integrant, we bring visions to life. We’re more than just a software development company that creates enterprise software. We’re out to pinpoint and remove project risks so businesses can deliver consistent success. We help businesses by providing the software ecosystem they need to achieve predictable results.

Our Story

The foundation of Integrant’s core values and business practices were borne out of our CEO’s desire to change the world for the better and make technological progress easier, more valuable, and more accessible for all. Read on to find out more.

Where Are Our Clients Located?

Our clients are U.S.-based and range from medium to enterprise companies with global teams in industries like manufacturing, biotech, and medical device—just to name a few.

Yes, our clients are unique. But they share the same need for innovative software solutions that lead to:

Maximized Recurring ROI
Efficient Business Operations
Predictable Project Outcomes and Growth
Low-stress projects

Meet Our Team

At Integrant, we prioritize culture fit and constant development as we believe those are the foundation of our strong teams. Our leadership team is no exception. Even though they are typically “behind-the-scenes,” they encourage our engineers’ inquisitive spirit and dedication to problem-solving.

Yousef Awad


Rami Awad

VP International Operations

Julie Pacheco

VP Client Delivery

Mostafa Tag

Senior Squad Lead


Where we are matters. You need to know we’re available when you need and we want you to rest assured we’ll always have your back no matter where we are. Don’t worry, we travel well, too – when it’s safe, of course!

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San Diego, CA

Integrant opened its doors in America’s Finest City in 1992. Just a stone throw’s away from the tech capital Silicon Valley, Integrant has built web, desktop, and mobile applications for some of the biggest U.S. companies. Being located in the heart of biotech has allowed Integrant to excel in the industry in addition to garner significant expertise in manufacturing and medical device from small to enterprise businesses. Though all of our customers are U.S. based, several of our enterprise companies have locations globally.

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Amman, Jordan

We opened our first development center in Jordan’s capital in 1997. Pioneering software development in Jordan was an eye-opening experience that allowed us to hone our customer service and servant leadership mindset with our customers, all of whom are U.S.-based. Although our engineers are a plane-ride away, we still speak your language when it comes to your desktop, web, or mobile projects. With our Agile ecosystem, you’ll have a smooth sailing project with our development team in no time.

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Cairo, Egypt

Our second development office opened in Egypt’s capital in 2008. One of the earliest software development companies to open in Egypt, we built a reputation for being the most selective software development firm in the middle east. The area allows us to recruit top talent and our goal is to find the most passionate engineers in the area that fit our unique culture. Despite being located a world away, our engineers are well-traveled and veterans at traveling onsite to customers’ offices globally.

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Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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