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Designing, developing, and deploying a reliable cross platform application requires skill and expertise. At Integrant, we have what it takes. Our experts leverage the Xamarin platform to deliver a fast, reliable cross platform application with seemless UX experience.

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Top Talented Engineers

We hire 2.5% of applicants. Our hiring process is designed to ensure we hire the smartest engineers in the area.

Cancel Anytime

We don’t believe in forcing relationships, we believe in proving our value, so if we don’t deliver on every sprint, we give you the right to cancel at any time.

Real-Time Reporting

Track the progress of your project in real time using our dashboards and stay up to date every step of the way.


One code for all platforms

Xamarin offers a single language (C#), class library, and runtime that works on any of the three mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Thus, allowing engineers to reuse up to 96% of the code.


Faster deployment cycles

Since most of the code can be shared across different platforms, this reduces the development time needed to build mobile applications.


Reduced engineering cost

The ability to share the code base and reduce the time needed to build the mobile app, consequently this also reduces the cost.


Modern programming language (C#)

Xamarin is a C# based tool allowing developers to treat any data type as objects. It also helps in preventing type errors through its type-safety feature.


API Integration

Xamarin allows developers to integrate APIs and UI controls used in platform specific languages. This makes it easy to use new features when they are introduced in a certain operating system.


Almost native user Experience

There are two ways to go about Xamarin mobile application development, each provides a different level of native feel. Xamarin.Forms tool allows developers to quickly build cross-platform mobile applications and with the release of 3.0 it’s getting faster and richer. These applications have a slightly less native look and feel and we typically recommend them for business-oriented projects. For a more native feel, more customization and better performance, use Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.


No hardware compatibility issues

The ability to use plugins, APIs and link native libraries means you won’t run into hardware compatibility issues.


Easy Maintenance

Making changes and updates to your application in Xamarin is so easy. Simply update the source code then it will be applied across your IOS and Android mobile applications. It’s that simple.

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