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Amr Yousef

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Why do you love your job?

Life is nothing without adventures and my job is a great adventure. I face something new every day. And dancing on my keyboard is my favorite thing to do.

What attracts you to the custom software development industry?

I have loved technology and innovation since I was a kid. I’m a geek. Software development is the homeland for geeks!

Why did you choose to become a developer/tester?

Every time you create a piece of code you are making a piece of art, small things that think, behave, and react. It’s an amazing feeling to make something and watch it act perfectly on its own.

What’s your earliest techie memory?

My Robo-Bug. It was a small robot that adjusted its direction when it collided with the wall and after making it I totally believed that I would become a rocket scientist. 😉

What are you famous or infamous for among your coworkers? What’s your claim to fame?

When I laugh the whole floor knows that I’m laughing. Also, I’m not the best but I’m always the most stubborn.

Share your favorite “early adopter” story.

My mom is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. She is a mechanical engineer in a very tough industry of huge boiler tubes used in electricity generation plants. She received a diploma in welding, WOW. That’s tough for a woman. She is such an amazing person and I’ve learned everything from her. She taught me to love engineering , electronics, and before all that, to have a passion for learning. I simply look at her and I can see what I’m really looking for and aiming to be. She built a lot of prototypes with me and helped me try to do a lot of scientific stuff. It was simply amazing to everyone that a kid in the third grade would discuss Newton’s laws and that he was using them to build a jetpack. Isn’t she amazing?

If you could pick a superpower or be a superhero what would you choose?

Tony Stark – Iron Man.

Favorite website (entertainment)


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If you had to abandon your current job what would you choose?

My dream when I was a kid was to be an astronaut. I still believe that I can get there someday, although I don’t know how I’ll do it. 🙂

What phrase or expression do you use over and over again?

I can go the distance.

What gets you up in the morning?

Nothing. I got used to certain wake-up times and that’s really annoying on vacations. 😉

What keeps you up at night?

Critical work that can’t wait for tomorrow, and staying up with my friends. But most of the time I wake up early and sleep early.

What are the top three items on your bucket list?

Building something like Iron Man & Jarvis (the intelligent software assistant of Tony Stark)
Having a world tour with my car

What do you think it takes to be a great developer?

Passion to keep learning, keep moving forward.

What’s important to you in a coworker?

Having a back to back relation with them and having good cooperation. Team work is like dancing. The whole team has to feel the music and move in coordination, together, with the same spirit, to get things done.

When writing a program, what is your favorite code editor? Why? Which one’s the worst? Why?

Visual Studio, in comparison with other editors, is the best. Microsoft is always adding amazing features and I also use some plugins that make things way better.

What’s your favorite programming language? Why?

C, with all of its directly influenced languages (C, C++, C#). It is well-defined, and gives you the ability to structure and build clean and extensible code for frameworks and large applications.

What’s a programming language you don’t get to use that you wish you could? Why?

I really wish to learn everything I don’t know, no matter what it is.

What techie word should become part of everyday language? Why?


What’s your spirit animal?

Alpha Grey Wolf.