Tech2Tech Structure

Combining Technical Development Acumen From Your Team And Ours

When you’re faced with the need to outsource to secure software engineering talent, you may be concerned about quality‹ since you know poor quality has a negative effect on both time and budgets. With Integrant, that concern evaporates, because working within our proven Tech2Tech model, you’ll soon realize that our commitment to quality mirrors yours.

The Power of Tech2Tech

At the heart of the validated Tech2Tech model is the connection between your technical project lead and ours, talented engineers leading teams in different locations that have one goal: to build quality software. We provide our expertise and learn your lingo, processes, standards, and preferences so we become a seamless extension of your team.

Tech2Tech facilitates our ability to build, extend, and manage global, distributed, and remote teams. To get started, we’ll need to ramp up on your business, domain, and existing code, but we already speak the same language—tech. We have lived through challenges that include balancing budgets, time, and quality or technical debt. The tech-to-tech connection supports true collaboration that’s unprecedented in the outsourcing world.

Here are a few sample team structures that we have successfully implemented for clients:

Project Roles

Why It Works

Tech2Tech is a great fit for companies with a robust internal software engineering team. It’s designed to max out our team’s capacity to:

  • Work the way you work (adhere to your processes, standards, and preferences)
  • Learn your business
  • Understand what you need the first time you ask
  • Produce high quality software

We provide developers and testers at all levels of experience; your technical project lead and ours work together to build the most efficient team for the challenges at hand, matching personnel based on technical skills, soft skills, and personalities. Ongoing communication facilitates a streamlined work process that centers around development and testing but also may include having us research a new technology, consider a new architectural approach, analyze and maintain architecture quality attributes, and more.

Ultimately, we learn your business, goals, and domain, and understand how to analyze a situation and make decisions the way you do.