Our Retention Program Protects Your Investment In Us

At Integrant, we focus on retaining two important things: people and knowledge. We understand you’ll make a significant investment to become our long-term partner, and one of the best ways we can protect that investment is to emphasize staff continuity as well as ongoing cross training, mentoring, and business knowledge retention programs.

A Focus on Longevity

Our employees are full time, and they receive competitive pay and full benefits—but we know it takes more than that to retain great engineers. We focus on continuously challenging our tech experts, exposing them to different industries and development strategies, creating a clear career path, and providing mentorship through functional managers who go above and beyond the guidance of our technical project leads.

As shown by the numbers below, this strategy has proved to be quite successful:

Retention Infographic

Average employee retention rate = 5+ years

Average client partnership = 5 years*

*One-third of our clients have been with us for 6-10 or more years.

Our first goal is retaining employees you have invested in, but as a second goal, we work to mitigate risk for you by planning ahead to ensure there is little to no impact to your business when an employee leaves.