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Our leaders are passionate about coaching and growth, technology, and service. Learn what makes them tick in and out of the office.

CEO, President

Yousef Awad

Yousef established Integrant in 1992.  At its inception, Integrant was a project-based company that served local businesses in San Diego.  His previous experience working with customers in the financial industry coupled with his desire to provide world class service and build long-lasting relationships with customers, led him to establish international offices in Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt.   

Yousef has dedicated the last 26 years to building Integrant’s brand, recruiting and retaining the best employees, and strengthening relationships with our customers.  Yousef considers himself a customer and employee advocate, always striving to do what’s in the best interests of customers and employees alike, prioritizing transparent, long-term partnerships. 

Internally, he works with each department head to ensure we are aligned and moving forward strategically, and, most importantly, that we are embodying Integrant’s core values every day.  Externally, with his focus on high-quality service, we have almost 200 partners in success that work with us and help us be what we are today.  

Yousef feels strongly about helping people create habits that ultimately leads them to accomplish their goals.  He feels most present when he is helping customers with challenges and strategizing for their future.  If he wasn’t Integrant’s CEO, Yousef would be in a role that allowed him to work closely with customers to help them grow.   

Outside of work, Yousef spends time with his son boxing, dirt biking, or rafting in the river.  Yousef also has a love for traveling.  He doesn’t have a favorite spot because he considers each destination a unique experience and each leaves its own distinct impact on him.  While exploring on vacation, Yousef enjoys interacting with different parents of local communities as he is always interested in meeting new people.

Best Lesson Learned:Treat people like you want to be treated

VP of International Business Development

Rami Awad

Rami manages multiple departments in our overseas offices and is responsible for keeping the infrastructure of the business running smoothly.  Rami enjoys making connections, which comes in handy as he wears so many hats.  He says that he can be referred to as “The Joker” because you can use his card anywhere and everywhere.  However, Rami likens his role to an old-fashioned general manager.   

What inspires Rami to come to work is the unpredictability that each day brings.  He thrives in being able to tackle things as they come and is motivated by solving complex business problems.  The more challenging the heart of an issue is, the more motivating it is for him.   

Rami started at Integrant in 1994, still wearing several hats.  Joining Integrant and playing an integral role in the expansion into Jordan and Egypt is one of his biggest professional accomplishments.  True to his motivations, at the time of expansion, because the tech market was so new in Jordan and Egypt, Rami dove in headfirst to overcome a lack of resources and several roadblocks in order to establish both entities.  Today, while Rami plays a similar role, our team has grown significantly.  

When Rami is not solving challenges in the office, he likes to go to the beach, swim, and spend time with his family.  Some of his favorites include the movie Silence of the Lambs, and middle eastern and reggae music.  Although Rami has traveled to several places, he would like to visit Croatia, Serbia, or Bulgaria.  Rami’s bucket list passion project is to build his own car.   

Favorite Quote:Bring it on

VP of Client Services

Julie Pacheco

Julie is the resident problem solver at Integrant. Not only does she love challenges, she naturally gravitates toward them, helping our operations, marketing, and account management departments run as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t stop there. Her role is equally, if not more, client-facing. Julie’s zest for puzzles allows her to help customers find the best fit solutions.

This affinity for problem solving really stems from her passion for collaboration and connecting people to make a positive impact through common goals and a service-oriented approach. In other words, she loves bringing people together and helping them build their ideas.

In 2006, Julie began her Integrant journey in marketing.  In the following years, her role and experience would expand to include a combination of sales, operations, and account management.  She has grown exponentially at Integrant, learning the ins and outs of the business, exactly what it takes to build a company founded on strong values and focused on service, and invaluable lessons on a personal and international scale. 

When Julie’s not at Integrant, she loves spending time outdoors–cycling, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, and more.  Though her favorite outdoor activities involve water, she considers one of her best personal accomplishments to be endurance swimming in the ocean. 

Favorite Quote:Don’t trip over what is behind you

Technical Account Manager

Amr Yousef

Amr is a frontline communicator and relationship builder with our clients and internal team.  He plays a vital role in understanding then conveying client vision, requirements, and approach to our team.  He acts as a technical advisor to our customers by identifying needs and proposing and developing quality solutions with the customer’s best interest in mind.  

Amr joined Integrant in October 2016 as a Development Manager.  Having a strong technical background, he was chosen to fill the first Architect opening at Integrant.  Continuing to make strides in his Integrant career, Amr eventually found himself in another new role as a Technical Account Manager.  This allowed him to couple his passion for technology with his charismatic personality.    

Amr seeks out challenges and can’t imagine settling for a routine desk job.  Because of the fast pace that brings on new challenges, he has found a home in the technology sector.  He wouldn’t trade this experience for any other opportunity in the world.

On a more personal note, Amr is an adventurous nomad who loves to stay in contact with Mother Nature.  He is a certified advanced open water diver and certified off-road driver.  When he isn’t working, you’ll find him on the beach, in the deep blue waters, or playing guitar while gazing at the stars in the desert.  His favorite spots are Siwa and the Red Sea Zone in Egypt.  His bucket list includes skydiving and traveling the world by car.   

Best Lesson Learned:Appreciate things that most people take for granted

Squad Lead

Mostafa Tag

Mostafa, a people-oriented Squad Lead, sees himself as a mini-CEO as he has his hands in a lot of areas of the business.  He works with our sales team to understand the sales pipeline and oversees project delivery.  On the recruitment side, he conducts final interviews for potential candidates to add the best fit players to the Integrant team.  With his own team, he assesses technical and non-technical skills, in addition to allocating his team members to projects that best match his or her skillset. 

Mostafa is a software development fanatic.  He feels working as a software engineer has increased his creativity and ability to innovate and always makes sure to keep up with technology and techniques.  While he prides himself in keeping technically current, Mostafa’s favorite moments are when he receives a thank you email from a happy customer or sees the growth of a team member.  He finds great value in delivering projects that impact peoples’ lives.

In 2014, Mostafa joined Integrant as an Associate Technical Project Lead and continued to climb the project lead track to Technical Project Lead then Senior Technical Project Lead, eventually becoming a Squad Lead.  He feels proud when members of his team acknowledge the impact Mostafa has left on their lives.

Mostafa’s interests outside of software are technology and science.  He is particularly passionate about machine learning, AI, and automation.  If he wasn’t in the software industry, he would start a company specializing in machine learning and robotics. Three years ago, he built a state-of-the-art robot that can carve anything with laser and transform it into an art piece. 

When he’s not working, Mostafa spends time with his family, runs a few kilometers, or floats in the pool for hours.  He likes travelling, exploring new places, and meeting people from different cultures.

Feels most present when:he is in direct contact with nature; overlooking the sea, surrounded by the greenery of forests or the vast panorama of sand in the desert

Squad Lead

Ahmed Hamdy

Hamdy, a veteran Squad Lead, balances responsibilities in the delivery of our projects and in the leadership and mentoring of Integrant engineers. 

He seems himself as a servant leader to both customers and his team.  With his team, he strives to help them advance in their careers and to build an environment where they will be successful.

Hamdy has found his purpose in making an impact by tackling tough challenges.  He loves working with his team and clients to overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.  He views this as an opportunity to get better not just professionally, but personally as well.  When asked what his greatest professional accomplishment has been, he points to several instances where using problem-solving and overcoming a seemingly insurmountable challenge is at the heart of his achievement.  Projects that required perseverance, heavy trust building, relationship fostering, and ultimately, a successful outcome.  

Hamdy joined Integrant in 2013 as a principal engineer.  A self-proclaimed “technical guy,” he faced a crossroads after being promoted to a lead engineer.  Would he go the more technical route, or the route focused on delivery and management?  As a lead, he could start to feel the impact he could make working directly with not just the developers, but the clients, too.  After exploring management programs, he chose the delivery and management path that led him to be a Squad Lead.

If Hamdy wasn’t a Squad Lead at Integrant, he envisions himself as a politician or in a similar role where he is still interacting with people and making a positive impact for larger groups.

Outside of helping his customers and his team, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading technical and leadership books, and going to the beach.  On a larger scale, he contemplates how he can help those around him.  His bucket list vacation destinations include Hawaii, Switzerland, and Japan.   

Feels most present when:he is having a good conversation or working closely with his team

Associate Squad Lead

Mohamed Khalil

Khalil, a people-oriented software delivery manager, focuses on paving the path for perfect service delivery.  He eliminates roadblocks, follows-up on the implementation process, and identifies the right roles for the strengths of his team members.   

Khalil finds that his purpose working in the software industry is not about being a geek at heart, but rather about adding value to and making people’s lives easier.  Within software, he has found a calling for teaching and mentoring others.  He cherishes his time as a programming instructor with the Information Technology Institute (ITI), located in Cairo, Egypt.  Khalil enjoys reconnecting with previous students, feeling their appreciation, and knowing he’s made an impact on their lives.  He feels a sense of accomplishment when he can share knowledge with others.   

In May 2019, Khalil joined Integrant as an Associate Squad Lead.  He looks forward to continuing to play a teaching role, positively influencing and directing his team’s career development and growth.   

When he’s not working, Khalil likes to play video games, go for long jogs, and listen to classic music.  

Favorite Quote:A dream is not what you see in your sleep; it’s what doesn’t let you sleep

Associate Squad Lead

Walaa Elyamany

Walaa balances responsibilities for resource, project, and team management.  On the project side, she plans, monitors, estimates, and delivers timely and high-quality projects. For team management , Walaa ensures that the best people are allocated for the right projects.  Last but not least, she develops her own team to improve their technical and non-technical skills, while coaching them for excellent customer service and successful project delivery.  

Walaa is passionate about technology and loves to keep up-to-date on new technologies and techniques used in the field. She enjoys that her job requires her to be a continuous learner, so she regularly enhances her technical skills. 

She also takes pride in solving technical problems, with her most recent accomplishment involving delivering a project with multiple, critical challenges. Not only was Walaa was able to lead her team to complete this project ahead of schedule, but they were able to enhance the overall quality of the project by 70% in only two months.  

Walaa started her journey with Integrant in November 2017 as an Associate Technical Project Lead. After demonstrating her managerial aptitude along with her project management skills, she was promoted to Associate Squad Lead.

If Walaa wasn’t a TPL, she would be a painter. Her favorite stress reliever is art and she created her latest masterpiece using pen shading! 

Walaa dedicates her free time to hanging out and playing with her kids, listening to their stories, and taking them out for a movie night. 

They enjoy light comedy and adventure movies together. When not at home, Walaa likes to travel, explore new places, and meet new people. Her favorite place to travel is Makadi Bay in Hurghada, Egypt.  

Best Lesson Learned:This too shall pass

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