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Since acquired by Microsoft, the adoption rate for the C# based tool, Xamarin, continues to rise. This is not surprising considering the benefits and capabilities the platform provides, which we’ll mention in more detail below. Our developers always stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest technologies to build efficient and custom applications for our clients. At Integrant, we leveraged the Xamarin platform to provide companies with Xamarin app development services over the past few years. Continue reading to learn more about Xamarin and whether it’s right for you.   Try Us Risk Free

Key Benefits of Using Xamarin

Xamarin’s comprehensive feature set provides developers and companies with many benefits including:


One code for all platforms

Xamarin offers a single language (C#), class library, and runtime that works on any of the three mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Thus, allowing engineers to reuse up to 96% of the code.


Faster deployment cycles

Since most of the code can be shared across different platforms, this reduces the development time needed to build mobile applications.


Reduced engineering cost

The ability to share the code base and reduce the time needed to build the mobile app, consequently this also reduces the cost.


Modern programming language (C#)

Xamarin is a C# based tool allowing developers to treat any data type as objects. It also helps in preventing type errors through its type-safety feature.


API Integration

Xamarin allows developers to integrate APIs and UI controls used in platform specific languages. This makes it easy to use new features when they are introduced in a certain operating system.


Almost native user Experience

There are two ways to go about Xamarin mobile application development, each provides a different level of native feel. Xamarin.Forms tool allows developers to quickly build cross-platform mobile applications and with the release of 3.0 it’s getting faster and richer. These applications have a slightly less native look and feel and we typically recommend them for business-oriented projects. For a more native feel, more customization and better performance, use Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.


No hardware compatibility issues

The ability to use plugins, APIs and link native libraries means you won’t run into hardware compatibility issues.


Easy Maintenance

Making changes and updates to your application in Xamarin is so easy. Simply update the source code then it will be applied across your IOS and Android mobile applications. It’s that simple.


Xamarin Cross-platform Development Services

One of the main features that makes Xamarin a great platform to use is it allows us to share up to 96% of the code base to build mobile applications that look 100% native in iOS, Android, and Windows phones. 

This helps us build cross-platform mobile applications faster and cheaper. As a Xamarin mobile app development company, we consult with you to learn more about the kind of mobile application you are looking to build before assuming Xamarin is the right solution for you.  

Our teams’ Xamarin app development experience include building mobile apps for IOS, Android, and/or Windows phones.  

So, if you are considering or looking for Xamarin cross-platform development services, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.  

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Why Integrant

There are many reasons why companies choose our Xamarin development services, here are a few:


Our developers are talented, they are Xamarin development experts.


We are available 24-7


We provide you with real time reporting, every step of the way


10+ years longest client engagement and going


Stable development teams due to high employee retention

Full Stack Development

We are flexible, so we can ramp up and down when you need it

Choosing a Xamarin mobile app development company doesn’t have to be complicated. Try us risk free today and if you’re unhappy after the first sprint, you won’t have to pay us a dime!

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We build high quality, reliable applications

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At Integrant, the culture of co-development is key. We want to be an extension of your team not just an outside vendor. When you choose Integrant for your Xamarin development services, you’re choosing a partner that will share your vision, come up with creative solutions and deliver on promises. If you’re looking for a Xamarin mobile app development company, contact us today.

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