Xamarin as Cross-Platform Dev/Test Tool for Mobile

Part of increasing client velocity and quality is our use of Xamarin where applicable. Our commitment to the tool includes employee knowledge and project-specific experience.

  • Our team’s Xamarin experience includes:
    • Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, and Xamarin Windows Phone
    • Native iOS
    • Xamarin 5
    • Complicated UI components that include animations and custom rendering for specific platform(s)
  • Projects include:
    • Push notifications
    • GPS functionalities
    • Geofencing
    • Accessing remote data
    • Complicated UI implementation
    • Access devices hardware (camera, mic, speakers)
    • Multitasking
    • Access device shared resources (contacts, email, gallery)

Our Xamarin Experience In Critical Roles

Technical Project Lead

  • Experience with Xamarin and leading teams leveraging the Xamarin framework for enterprise applications. Hands on experience building Android apps.
  • Deep full stack .NET development experience with knowledge of cloud services
  • Expert in leading distributed teams using agile practices/tools

Senior Developer

  • Experience with Xamarin and building iOS apps for enterprise applications.
  • Deep full stack .NET development experience with knowledge of cloud services
  • Expert in working with distributed teams and agile practices/tools

QA Engineer

  • Experience with Xamarin test cloud with android and IOS platforms ,experience with mobile automation using multiple tools, experience on testing on real devices and simulators for both UI and functional testing
  • Expert in working with distributed teams and agile practices/tools

Some Notes on Xamarin

Outsourcing is a function of cost (40%), culture (30%), and talent (30%). Xamarin theoretically allows the outsourcer to reduce cost by writing one code base vs three. Depending upon the project, there will be more or less native coding done as well, so time and cost savings are on a continuum, and cost savings are also dependent upon a good culture and talent fit with your vendor.

A culture of co-development is key

For cost and time savings as well as for creative and inspired solutions, we fit our roles and tools into your internal team’s master project. Our team integrates their work and tools with your internal team in such a way that we can pick up where your internal team leaves off. We extend rather than complicate the reach and efficacy of your overall efforts.

Use of any tool must include a consultative approach

Xamarin is not necessarily the answer for you. It depends upon your project and your internal team’s skills. The more experience your team has with other tools, the better they are able to assess the best tool for your current environment. Same with us. Our experience with Titanium and PhoneGap, for instance, informs our ability to leverage Xamarin for maximum efficiency.

For more about Xamarin and Integrant in action, check out this case study: https://www.integrant.com/casestudies/xamarin/