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Elegant and user-centric web applications designed to meet your business challenges

Selecting a partner you can count on for outsourcing web app development services for the first time can be challenging. You need a skilled web application development team that is easy to work with. We understand your vision, weigh in with recommendations when you are unsure, and most importantly you can count us to deliver.


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Front End/UI Web-Based Development

We’ve built a team of highly skilled front end and UI developers with experience implementing complex web applications and modern user experiences. We can follow your designs – creating visuals that bring your vision to life and paint a stand out user journey. We can also work closely with your team to build the UX and communicate your vision to our developers. We ensure the UX is consistent across the whole application to create stunning visuals and smooth, reliable applications.


Back-End Development

A scalable architecture, smart usage of stable frameworks, and a focus on application security are some of many standards we hold ourselves to when we build the core of your web application. We are experts in cloud services and have built many applications leveraging the latest technologies, methods, and tools. We build applications that grow with your business needs and can be integrated with other systems and services.


.NET & JavaScript Custom App Development

We develop custom end-to-end web applications using JavaScript and .NET frameworks. Our web applications are stable, scalable, responsive.


Automated Web Application Testing & QA

Utilizing test automation frameworks such as Selenium, Robot, Karma or Protractor our test automation experts write scripts to make sure testing isn’t a bottleneck during the software development lifecycle.


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Outsource Web Application Development Services

  Several things come to mind when making the decision to outsource web application development. Is this team going to be capable? Am I sacrificing quality?    

Will this team need a lot of handholding or can they work independently?


Am I investing my budget wisely? How big of a risk is it to outsource to this vendor? Since 1992, some of the biggest companies in the United States have outsourced their web application development services to us for the following reasons:


We recruit and train top talented web application developers


We are available 24-7 in case you need us


We are 100% transparent through our real time reporting


Some of our clients have stayed with us for over a decade


The average developer at Integrant stays in the company for more than 5 years

Full Stack Development

We can ramp up or down whenever you need us to

Web Application Technologies

Web Development | AJAX , Angular 1,2,4, ASP.NET, CSS, Dot Net Core, HTML5, KnockoutJS, MVC, Typescript, Web Forms

Web Software Testing & QA | Protractor, SilkTest, Selenium, Robot, Karma

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Agile/DevOps Methodology

We have proven agile works in offshore software development and started using it over 10 years ago. Today, we also employ DevOps practices and benefit hugely from it as a software development company. Constant monitoring allows us to identify issues early so we can make changes quickly and without impacting project timelines. Our custom reporting also allows clients to see our progress and the software during all stages.



Manufacturing & Logistics




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If you are looking for custom web application development services, contact us and tell us about your needs and challenges. We’ll be happy to walk you through our portfolio, bring in tech leads experienced in your industry, and frameworks so we can consult with you on the best web application development solution.