Selenium Test Automation Services

We offer selenium test automation services to clients who are looking to kickstart or extend their test automation efforts. This open source framework is becoming one of the most robust web application testing frameworks, and it’s one of our favorite tools.

Driving the Highest Test Automation ROI Possible

The learning curve for Selenium is steep and requires solid coding skills, and at integrant we are always up for the challenge. Our passion for mastering new frameworks never stops. Today, we position ourselves as a Selenium automated testing company. We put our expertise to use and guide you through the decision process to determine the best software automated testing strategy to drive the highest ROI possible.

The power and highly customizable nature of Selenium is undisputed.

Our Selenium Automated Testing Services Include the following:


Analysis First

Before getting started, we look at your current development process, analyze the infrastructure and understand the challenges.


Test Automation Strategy

After we have a solid understanding of the environment, we put together an achievable, balanced test automation strategy for the short and long term.


Test Architecture Design

We design the test architecture. This includes the methods and technologies we’ll be using. The Selenium testing framework may or may not be included, based on what we believe will be best to achieve your goals.


ROI Projections

The goal is to make the test automation process more cost efficient, that’s why we will provide you with our projections for the expected ROI.

If you’re researching Selenium testing companies, or you’re not sure which frameworks and process to improve your software test automation process, contact our tech leads today!

The Benefits of Using Selenium

This open source tool has many features and benefits that make it appealing to companies for automating web application testing. Here are some:


Open Source Tool

The Selenium framework is free and has been supported by a robust open source community since 2004.


One Script For All

With Selenium, you can test your application on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer ) across any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS) using only one script.


Support For Many Languages

Many languages are supported (Java, C#, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP) making Selenium easy to pair with complementary frameworks and libraries.


Easy To Scale

Selenium is a super flexible framework and supports complex, advanced test scripts. The possibilities are limitless


Faster Testing

When utilizing Selenium for software test automation, you can simultaneously run tests on different browsers, thus reducing testing time.


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Why Integrant?

Our clients choose us for their Software automated testing for many reasons, here are a few:

We are Selenium Testing Experts


We keep you updated every step of the way with our real time reporting


The average developer stays with us for more than 5 years


Flexibility to ramp up or down whenever


Some of our client engagements have been going strong for over a decade


As an offshore Selenium Testing company, we provide you with quality services at competitive prices


Our Tech Leads are available 24-7


We are an Agile/DevOps development company

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Outsource Selenium Testing To Integrant

We make it easy and affordable for companies with little to no test automation leverage the benefits of automated testing. If you already have test automation in place we will help you implement more, faster, and look at ways to improve. Our software automated testing experts will consult with you on the best technologies and framework and then decide if our Selenium test automation services are right for you!

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