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Our talented react native offshore development team has extensive experience in building mobile applications that are reliable, innovative and custom for your business needs. We are headquartered in San Diego, California so we specialize in working with U.S. companies that are seeking react native offshore development services. Learn more about the reasons why some companies stay with us for more than a decade.    

Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile App Development

If you’re still assessing whether React native is the best option for your needs, here are the main advantages when using React Native:


Faster development

With React Native, you only have to build the mobile app once. 90% of that code can be reused, speeding up the development time. It is also much faster to fix any bugs found during the development cycle when it can be done in one place for both platforms.


Lower costs

The ability to reuse the code, reducing the development time also reduces the cost of development.


Open source platform

React Native is completely open source, so developers can use it and it’s library for free.


Ability to control update releases

React Native’s hot reloading feature allows developers to make changes quickly and bypass the market store approval process.


Apps as fast as native

Research comparing the performance between native and react native apps, indicated that both apps perform equally.


Apps that feel like native

React native utilizes a JavaScript library which delivers platform-specific user interfaces which look and feel like a native application.


Our Offshore Locations

We have two react native offshore development centers, in Jordan and in Egypt. All of our developers are bilingual and fluent in English and Arabic. We recruit and hire the most talented developers in the area. We work hard to maintain an empowering and positive culture. This is one of the many reasons why, on average, engineers stay with us for more than 5 years.

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you hire our react native offshore development teams, you will have a stable team that completes your project on time.

5 Basic Questions To Ask When Hiring React Native Developers

  When you’re looking to hire a react native developer or team offshore, you obviously want developers that have the technical skills needed.     It may be difficult to know right away who actually is an expert and who is just pretending to be. As an experienced react native offshore development company, we compiled a list of basic questions to ask when assessing your candidates.

Ask about the relationship between React and React Native?

In short, React Native sits on top of react. React renders the virtual DOM as an HTML document. Meanwhile, React maps the virtual DOM to Native components. Typically, react is used with JSX to generate HTML output. Meanwhile, react Native uses it’s own tags.

Ask about the pros and cons of using React Native vs native mobile app development

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to using react native, but there are a few drawbacks to take into consideration: If the app being built has a lot of animation, the react native app will be much slower that a native app. Also, depending on the functionalities needed, some native functionalities are not readily available in react native. React Native also uses JavaScript, which has its own limitations to be considered.

Ask about common commands used when developing with react native

Examples of some common commands: >react-native init NewApplication > react-native start > react-native run-ios > react-native run-android > react-native link > npm install > ps aux | grep react-native

Ask the React Native developer about Thunk, middleware, react Saga and Redux

You need a developer that is comfortable with functional programming concepts. The depth of their knowledge about these pieces will give you a better indication of who is a good candidate and who isn’t.

Ask the React Native developer to walk you through debugging a React Native application

An experienced react native developer will easily know how to access the debugger and where to find the log traces. You can enable the JS debugging menu while running the application in the emulator, by either selecting the shake gesture or pressing the Command-D (iOS) or Control/Command-M (Android). After which, you can browse the debugger and see the log traces by running react-native log-android for Android, and react-native log-ios for iOS. If you’re looking to hire a react native developer or React native offshore development services, contact Integrant today!

Why Integrant

For over 26 years, companies across the United States choose to partner with us when they are looking for a react native offshore development company. Here are some of the reasons why.


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