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As a JavaScript application development company, we provide companies with React JS development services and specialize in native JavaScript. We saw an increase in demand and requests for ReactJS developers in 2017. This mirrors the explosive growth seen worldwide. Today, we are equally strong in ReactJS and AngularJS. Our engineers are experienced web developers with deep experience in both .NET and JavaScript. Layering on basic knowledge of a framework like ReactJS is easy, but mastering it takes time and hundreds of hours of hands-on, project-based work.   We are based in San Diego, California but have two offshore development centers in Jordan and Egypt. So, when you outsource React JS development to Integrant, you get the best of both worlds. American quality development and security standards, alongside offshore pricing.  

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The Benefits of Using React JS

There are many reasons we use this JavaScript library in development. Here are a few:


Open source with a robust community supporting the React library. Migrating between different versions as the library grows has been simple without too many hurdles.


React is easy to learn for an engineer with HTML writing skills. Developers are up to speed and efficient in just a couple of weeks.


Using a virtual DOM React enables a tree format for organizing HTML, XHTML, and XML documents.


Used with ES6/7, ReactJS can manage high capacity workloads.


Data on both the user and server side are represented in parallel.


Taking The Risk Out of Outsourcing

We Get It… Outsourcing forces you to get a little out of your comfort zone… With Integrant, we put measures in place to make you feel as in control as possible…

With Us, You Can...

Hand select your developers… Track project progress in real time… Have Access to project projections… Ramp Up & Down Easily… & If we don’t deliver every sprint, we make it easy for you to cancel…

Outsource React JS Development to Integrant

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