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Headquartered in San Diego, California, Integrant has been creating custom, reliable and affordable web and mobile applications for U.S. companies for over 26 years. Our offshore development centers are located in Jordan and Egypt.

We recruit and hire brilliant and passionate developers in the area and continuously train them to expand their technical and communications skills.

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From building applications that give you a competitive edge, to saving you time through automated testing, we are dedicated to creating solutions for your business needs. Our custom offshore development Services include the following:


Offshore Data Warehousing




.NET | ASP.NET, MVC, .NET Core  

Javascript | Angular, React, Knockout, Typescript, NodeJS, VueJS 

Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services  

Hybrid Mobile | Xamarin, Ionic, Phone Gap, React Native  

Data + Analytics | PowerBI, SSRS, Microstrategy, Tableau, Xpath, NoSQL  

Test Automation | Selenium, Protractor, Robot, MS Coded UI, Appium, Xamarin Test Cloud 

Methods | Microservices, Continuous Integrant + Delivery, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development 

& more!


We take pride in the long-term relationships we built with clients. Some of which started over a decade ago and are still going strong. U.S. companies outsource their offshore software development services to Integrant, because we are realistic about the challenges, opportunists about learning, and transparent in our communication, process, and pricing from start to finish.  

We have a proven track record of providing top-notch offshore software development services to some of the largest companies in the United States. Here are some examples of our industry expertise:

Manufacturing & Logistics
Medical Device
Financial Services & Banking

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Offshore Agile Software Development

Offshore development does not have to go hand in hand with plan-driven approaches . We debunk this myth and differentiate ourselves as an offshore software development company using agile methodologies to continuously communicate, implement feedback, and provide visibility through the software development lifecycle. We also help companies set up continuous integration and continuous delivery infrastructure and processes.  

In the last 10+ years , we built software side-by-side with in-house software development teams using Scrum, Kanban, and Hybrid Agile methods. When we’re working independently on a project, we follow Agile/DevOps practices and Integrant standards.

✅We focus on people over process and build one unified team

✅We send developers to work face-to-face to build the working relationship  

✅We focus on autonomy and empower our developers to make decisions  

✅We follow processes to proactively identify issues early

✅We provide Integrant proprietary, real-time progress dashboards

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Other Common Offshore Development Myths

You’re considering offshoring your development services, but you have some reservations. Does lower pricing mean you are going to compromise quality? Is it secure? How does communication work if your team is based in another country? How often will they communicate with you? What if things don’t go as planned? Is offshoring the right fit for your business? These are all valid questions. With an experienced, proven vendor, you can build high-quality software efficiently. It all depends on which vendor you choose to work with.

Choosing the Right Offshoring Development Team

Here are some questions to ask your offshore software development vendor to determine whether they would be a good fit:

How do they recruit and train their staff?

You want a team that has the technical knowledge, but also knows how to figure things out when they don’t. The needs and solutions are constantly changing and you want a team that has the passion to continue learning. Ask about their internal training programs and how they ensure their staff has the time and space to continously learn.  

Can you interview/handpick the team?

When you hired your employees, you interviewed them and didn’t just rely on their resume. There is no reason your offshore development vendor shouldn’t allow you to do the same. It’s a red flag if they don’t.

How do they address employee and knowledge retention?

If team members are leaving and they don’t have a back up plan it will cause delays and increase costs. Ask about employee retention, knowledge retention, allocation strategies, and notice periods to get a better understanding of what you’ll be dealing with down the road.  

What about ramp ups?

Something comes up, you need to adapt or ramp up quickly, how fast can they add engineers of the same caliber? How strong is their bench? Do they have a shadow engineering program?

When and how do they work? What do they do to ensure clear communication?

Software development teams fail when communication fails. Communication starts with working the same hours and includes many layers like soft skills training, effective tools, and sound process around definition of done, merging and branching strategies, and more.

Ask about reporting.

Will you have access to the project? Will they provide reporting and how? How often will you get updates? Look for as much transparency as possible. Are the reports reactive or proactive? What are they measuring?

Are they actually headquartered in the U.S. or is it just a marketing ploy?

Ensuring your vendor has a physical location and staff in the United States will protect your business because it means they have to abide by all the same laws and provide you with higher security.

Do they have security certifications?

This is huge! You want to ensure you are protecting your IP and security as much as possible. Ask for certifications such as SOC 2 Type 2 and NIST Compliance. It will give you peace of mind and save you a lot of hassle later!

Read the fine print.

How is the contract structured and how easy can you get out of it? Will you own the code? Typically, contracts that don’t allow for flexibility and ownership pose the highest risk.




At integrant, we mastered the art of offshoring and making the process as seamless as possible. We got you covered on all the items above. Here are all the reasons why U.S. companies choose to work with us.

● Retention of top talent ● Compact, co-located teams ● Frequent, effective communication ● 100% transparency through real time reporting ● Easy to ramp up and down

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