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Solving your business challenges with flawless and reliable desktop applications

Do you find yourself fighting for budget and internal resources to build and maintain your desktop application?

You want a team of developers that will dedicate themselves to understanding your business, one that will take full ownership of the project, and feel like an extension of you.

You’re not just looking for outsourced desktop application services that will take orders and implement, you’re looking for a development team you can rely on to consult, advise, and deliver.

Sound familiar?

Over the past 26 years, we collaborated with U.S. companies to do just that. Some clients stay with us for more than ten years and continue to choose us for their outsourced desktop application services because we build responsive, scalable, feature-rich, and reliable applications every time. Continue reading to learn more about our desktop application development services. 


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.Net WPF Desktop Application Development

If you’re looking for an application that will require tight, seamless integration with Microsoft products, we typically use .NET WPF when building your application.

UI Desktop Application Development

In addition to creating rich visuals for your application, we also work on creating a smooth user experience across for your desktop application. Talk to our tech leads today to learn more. 

Automated Desktop Application Testing &QA

Using frameworks such as CodedUI, CUITE and Winium and more, we automate your desktop application testing to save you time and ensure smooth performance.

Desktop Application Maintenance

Some of our clients have worked with us for over a decade, so we understand the need for adjusting and making changes to your application. We’re in it for the long haul, so we build scalable applications that grow with your business, and offer maintenance services when you need them.




We built reliable desktop applications for U.S. companies. Here are some examples of industries we have a ton of experience in:


Manufacturing & Logistics


Financial Services & Banking


Medical Device

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Desktop Development | Windows Forms, WPF

Desktop Test Automation | CodedUI, CUITE, Winium



Outsource Desktop Application Development – Why Integrant

The average client engagement with Integrant lasts between 5-7 years, here are some of the reasons why:


Top Talented Engineers

We recruit and hire some of the smartest engineers in the area, then train them to keep getting better.


Real-Time Reporting  

Track the progress of your project in real time using our dashboards and stay up to date every step of the way.


Established Communication Modes

Over the years, we put in place several communication methods to allow our clients to stay in the loop and feel connected to us every step of the way.





Flexibility Ramping Up or Down

We accommodate your business needs because we know they can change at any moment.


Shadow Engineers 

We can ramp up when we have shadow engineers on projects.This allows our developers to get better, while you have peace of mind knowing we have a backup plan.


High Employee Retention

Just like our clients, our employees stay with us for a very long time, on average employees stay at Integrant more than 5 years!  




cancel anytime

Cancel Anytime

We don’t believe in forcing relationships, we believe in proving our value, so if we don’t deliver on every sprint, we give you the right to cancel at any time.


Availability All Day, Every Day

We are here whenever you need us. Our tech leads are always one phone call or email away.


Not sure if we’re the right fit for you? Try us for one sprint, free of charge, then only pay us when you want to continue working with us! Or contact us to learn more about our desktop application development services.  


Building Desktop Application using Agile 

Offshoring your desktop application development services doesn’t mean you have to utilize plan-driven approaches. We built software with companies throughout the past decade using agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Hybrid. Since our teams are all located in the same development center, when we work independently, it’s even easier for us to implement Agile and DevOps practices.

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