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Custom Software Development Services

We offer custom software development and testing teams who work the way you do. Our developers and testers are continuously improving their technical skills to keep up with the industry. We build software development solutions better and faster. Our team members are problem solvers and communicators. But most importantly, they are dedicated and won’t consider the project done until you do.

Our Expertise

When You Outsource Your Software Application Development To Us, You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Quality.

Up to 10+ Years Client Engagement

Our relationship with clients is a top priority. When we work with you, we’re in it for the long haul, we want to ensure we are providing you with exactly what your business needs. We, of course, want to make a great first impression. What’s even more important to us, is to leave a lasting impression. We want you to view us as an extension of your team, not just an outsourced vendor. That’s why some of clients continue to partner with us after more than a decade! Listen to what some of our partners have to say about us.


5 Years Average Employee Retention

Our team members are not only important to us as a company but they are crucial for the success of our projects with clients. That is why we have been proactive in addressing the common turnover issues that many other software development companies face. At Integrant, employees stay with us for an average of 5+ years. That’s almost twice as long as the typical tenure of software engineers in the San Francisco Bay area.

Top Talent

We established a reputation as one of the best places to work in Jordan and Egypt. This allows us to attract and recruit the most talented software engineers. We continuously train our engineers to help them stay current. We also give you the option to interview and handpick your team! 

Transparent Flat Fee Pricing

Time-based pricing models can often lead to delays in project completion. On the other hand, fixed bid pricing models often mean lower quality project.  With flat fee pricing, you don’t have to compromise time or quality!  

Ability to Cancel Anytime

We are confident that choosing Integrant as your custom software development vendor will be a decision you won’t regret. We give you the option to cancel at any time!

Flexibility to Ramp Up or Down

 Have your needs and objectives changed? We got you covered! We have programs in place to allow us to ramp up immediately and to be as flexible as possible based on your project needs.

10X Teams

Other companies claim to have the best engineers in the world, but we know it takes a team. We have a method for building efficient teams and can explain why we are 10x more productive. 

Shadow Engineers

For every team of 4 software developers, we add a fifth one free of charge, to train on the project. This gives our developers time to improve their technical skills and ensures we always have a backup team when you need it.  

Visibility Through Reporting

Our reporting dashboards allow you to see the status of your project and the productivity of every engineer, that way you are always in the loop.

24/7 Availability

We work when you do. When you work with Integrant, we ensure that your dedicated tech lead is available all day, every day.  

Full Ownership

Everything we build is yours. We can’t believe some outsourcing vendors won’t give you ownership of the code and the IP, but in case you have come across one of those, just know, with Integrant that is not the case!   


.NET | ASP.NET, MVC, .NET Core  

Javascript | Angular, React, Knockout, Typescript, NodeJS, VueJS 

Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services  

Hybrid Mobile | Xamarin, Ionic, Phone Gap, React Native  

Data + Analytics | PowerBI, SSRS, Microstrategy, Tableau, Xpath, NoSQL  

Test Automation | Selenium, Protractor, Robot, MS Coded UI, Appium, Xamarin Test Cloud 

Methods | Microservices, Continuous Integrant + Delivery, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development 

& more!

Custom Business Software Development – Industries 

We have been in business since 1992. During this time we have worked with businesses across many industries. We built software applications for enterprises, mid-size businesses, and even start ups. We believe that understanding your business, the domain, and your goals is key to a successful relationship and project. Here are some of the industries we have a ton of experience in: 

  • Manufacturing & Logistics 
  • Medical Devices 
  • eCommerce 
  • Financial Services & Banking  

Browse Some of our custom development services case studies


Development/Testing Team Roles 

At Integrant, we offer the choice between adding engineers to your internal team to co-develop and co-test or assigning a project to a team fully managed by us. When you choose us for your custom development services, we can play any of development/testing roles as shown below.


Project Roles


As a custom application development company, we utilize agile and DevOps principles. This allows our teams to be more efficient, productive, creative, and collaborative. We are not tied down by endless processes and comprehensive documentation.  

We believe that having a baseline “how we work” method is important. What’s even more important is customizing our approach based on your culture. We invest our time in learning the tools and processes your existing team prefers. This way, our team feels like an extension of your company not just any outsourced software development vendor. At the same time, we bring our experience and lessons learned to help you and your teams improve. 


Custom Software Development & Testing Services By Integrant 

If you are interested in learning more about Integrant’s custom software application development services, contact us today! Having trouble finding a team with the skill and knowledge to solve a complicated issue in a complicated environment? One of our tech leads will be happy to discuss those with you and determine whether our team is right for you!