Recruiting Talent

Our Reputation And Clients Attract Top Engineering Talent

Because Integrant has a reputation for stability and fair hiring practices, we’re able to recruit top regional talent. The key attraction, however, is our clients; exceptional engineers are interested in working in a challenging environment for some of the best companies in the U.S.

Talent Identification

We believe great engineers have extraordinary passion. They love development and testing; want to learn the latest tools and methods; code in their spare time; love learning; and are always seeking ways to improve, sharpen their skills, and expand their knowledge base.

In addition, great engineers separate themselves from their good counterparts based on purpose:

  • Do you want to be a bricklayer or understand that you’re building a cathedral?
  • What’s the purpose of the code you’re writing?
  • How does what you do affect the project, the application, and the system within which the application lives?
  • Do you put in your 8 hours and call it a day or take pride in your work and go the extra mile to seek real accomplishments?

In addition to being a top performer, every technical lead, architect, developer, and quality engineer we add to your team is a full-time Integrant employee. We don’t subcontract.

Attraction and Retention

Top engineers may initially be interested in joining our team because of our good reputation and high caliber clients. Then they learn there’s even more to like: above-market compensation that includes full benefits, overtime for salaried employees, flexible working hours, high-speed Internet access from home, and salaries paid in U.S. dollars.

As noted on the Retention page, we understand it takes more than a competitive salary and benefits to retain top talent. We strive to offer our employees good opportunities that include constant challenges and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

New hires undergo a trial period from 90 to 180 days, during which they’re evaluated for technical skill, passion, purpose, and collaboration. Only those who make the cut are considered permanent employees.