Ramping Up

Our Proven Development Process Ensures A Great Beginning

While we certainly won’t know your company vernacular when we embark on a new relationship, because we speak a common language—tech—we communicate and deliver quality from day one. Following Agile principles, we participate in daily stand up meetings and use a variety of other techniques to ensure each team member is ramping up on your business, domain, system, and processes. At the core of our efforts are foundational Agile principles with an emphasis on true collaboration, transparency, and ownership to drive toward achieving the greatest efficiencies.

The Role of Tech2Tech

As noted on the Tech2Tech page, Integrant begins every engagement by connecting our technical project lead with yours, a process that supports successfully ramping up a development and quality team. To enhance the learning curve, our technical project lead and other key members of our team will work onsite with your team as part of the ramp-up process, and you may choose to have them travel consistently to support continuous learning.

We know there’s no silver bullet; it takes time for developers and quality engineers to learn your business, processes, and systems—but we’re flexible and will customize the knowledge transfer process to meet your specific needs.