Safeguarding Your Software Development Investment

We understand your greatest concern in outsourcing development is ensuring you receive a continuous return on your significant investment. To help you sleep better, we focus on retention, cross training, and bench management as ways to create continuity for your business and safeguard that investment.

The Big Three: Retention, Cross Training,
and Bench Management

To ensure the long-term success of our partnership, Integrant has a strong focus on retention, cross training, and bench management.

  • Retention is covered in-depth on its own page, but in a nutshell, we do our best to keep the people who have learned your business and processes.
  • Cross training involves sharing knowledge about your business internally to ensure we can continue to be a seamless partner.
  • Bench management refers to our ability to provide knowledgeable resources who can jump in when you need to scale up.

In addition, because we know the fastest and most efficient way to learn something is to get into a real-world scenario, we’ll often add an extra, no cost set of hands to your team, something that facilitates our ability to cross train, stay sharp, and grow our talent.

We work hard to provide you with high returns on your investment, year after year. We’ve never lost an account due to performance; our clients stay with us for an average of 5 years and some have worked with us for more than a decade.