Client-Integrant Connectivity


Security is top of mind for us and we adapt to the security requirements and policies of your organization. Our preferred way to work is to utilize the same tools as your internal development team in an effort to provide daily visibility into our progress. Here are a few secure options for how we can connect with you and your team:


Option 1

Client uses internally hosted applications. Integrant staff will typically access client servers using a client based VPN solution with appropriate access to only systems that are needed. This is also typically how client employees connect from home.

Option 2

Client uses cloud based applications. Integrant team uses the same systems and is assigned usernames and passwords with appropriate permissions for these applications.


Option 3

Integrant works locally to create code and/or builds and then moves the appropriate files into a secure shared landing zone for pick up by the client as needed.


In summary, Integrant has a long history of effectively managing the security and privacy of sensitive customer data for clients in myriad industries including those that are highly regulated.

Please let us know of any specific security concerns you have. We can provide more detail on any area of security that is of interest to you.