This client’s new R&D manager promised to increase speed and efficiency. Here’s how he delivered.

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This medical device manufacturer needed to rebuild a legacy desktop app. The app was the control center for service and maintenance of the software driving its life saving infusion pumps. A new R&D manager got the job done by extending his internal team through outsourcing […]

Co-development in action

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This VP of software development needed a website overhaul. It was important work and his team was maxed out. Here’s how we made it easy. This client needed a website overhaul but had two hurdles: Their people were busy and their financial domain was complicated. […]

Predicting quality: Best question to ask your software development vendor

By Amr Yousef   |   Reading Time: 4 minutes

When choosing a vendor to outsource software development, one of the top concerns is quality. The Systems Sciences Institute at IBM reports, “The cost to […]

One way to win stakeholder support for a test automation program

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When looking at introducing test automation a common question our clients face is where to start. Internal buy-in may require a “starter” project yielding quantifiable results that support further investment.  This case involves a long-term client in […]

No room for risk

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For this client in the FDA-regulated medical devices industry, testing requires a meticulous approach and comprehensive domain knowledge. This particular project focused on manual testing […]

Business ethics, stakeholder theory, and why I’m not in the software industry

By Yousef Awad   |   Reading Time: 4 minutes

I run a software development company. Our clients range from large to small, from highly innovative to risk-averse, and have one commonality: They are long-term […]

‘Data, data everywhere | But not an insight in sight’

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Data warehouse and business intelligence system for leading bank undergoing merger This banking industry client was planning a major merger with another bank. The problem was […]

Add PowerShell Scripts to TFS2012 Build

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Our own Mohamed El Sayed published another great tip in CodeProject. This one is a step by step guide to add pre and post PowerShell scripts […]

Desktop App Enhancement Leads to Rebuild

By Integrant   |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

A new client decided to try us out on what looked like a simple enhancement project, but implementation brought additional issues to light. They found […]

Do you speak my language?

By Yousef Awad   |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

Every client is different: Each has their own tools, methodologies, projects, priorities, and internal team dynamics. We mold ourselves to fit those differences. In other ways every client is the same: Each wants to trust and rely on their vendor, and each wants responsive and proactive service. We cover commonalities and differences in our 5 key areas of communication.

Outsourcing software dev/test in a global talent pool: World of help or world of hurt?

By Integrant   |   Reading Time: 1 minute

Depends on the country. And the company. Our CEO recently published an article in InfoQ where he looks at country options when offshoring software development. […]

Legacy App Rebuild for Medical Manufacturer

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

When a slow and steady route to rebuild is safer What started as augmentation of an existing app lead to a full rebuild for this […]