Top Ways to Optimize Your Desktop Application Performance Strategy

By Yousef sherif   |   Reading Time: < 1 minute

Need to improve your desktop application? Start with understanding your client goals and identifying specific user scenarios before you dive in.  

4 Ways to Combat Dev Bod for Beginners

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: < 1 minute

When it comes to learning about a healthy lifestyle, all the information out there can be so overwhelming.  From weight-lifting, bootcamps, spinning, low carb diet, body […]

8 Essential Factors For Test Automation Framework Success

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: < 1 minute

What are the essential elements of a great test automation framework? In this post, Integrant’s team discuss the factors that are crucial for success.

When to Use SQL vs. NoSQL

By Mohamed Shahin   |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you thinking of making the leap from SQL to NoSQL and wondering whether it’s the right move? The difference between SQL and NoSQL databases […]

The Future of Native Mobile Apps: Psst…they’re not dying. Here’s why.

By Ahmed Amin   |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Will native apps die? The short answer is no. Anyone who says native apps are dead or dying is missing the point – what are […]

How To Implement Agile in Offshore Software Development: 15 Lessons We Learned From Martin Fowler

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects. (Source: PwC) And it’s possible to reap the benefits of agile offshore best practices. Martin Fowler, […]

Integrant’s Extended Notice Program™

By Way-Jen Enlow   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s no secret that the tech industry experiences high turnover rates. In 2017, the tech sector topped turnover rates at a whopping 13.2%, beating out […]

Integrant’s Shadow Engineering Program: 4Plus1™

By Yousef Awad   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our unique approach to allocating people to projects and teams addresses common challenges in software development.  As a tech leader do you ever find yourself:  Losing once reliable, fully […]

How To Evaluate Vendors: Secure Software Development

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

Onboarding a reliable software development partner solves so many problems. A stable and elastic partner will enable you to pivot, flex, and speed up or […]

Why does good communication matter when you’re outsourcing software development? How does a vendor build it into their service model?

By Yousef Awad   |   Reading Time: 4 minutes

Communication is a key ingredient, or a deal breaker, in outsourcing software development. When you add in the complexity of co-development between an internal and an overseas team, ensuring clear communication is even more important—and […]

Learning new (and old) technologies fast

By Julie Pacheco   |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

Software development is a fast-moving space. What works for a project today doesn’t always work for the same project tomorrow. But the reality is that when you’re looking for a software development vendor you’re going to evaluate knowledge […]

Improving application speed and performance when market value depends upon it

By Mohamed Shahin   |   Reading Time: 3 minutes

Our real estate client had tried with two other vendors to get their web application off the ground, and both times application speed had been a deal breaker. It took […]