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Integrant has built web, desktop and mobile applications for some of the biggest U.S. companies since 1992. We are headquartered in San Diego, California and in 1997, we opened our first software development office in Amman, Jordan. Arabic speaking companies want to work with us because they get the best of both worlds; Top quality applications from a team that speaks their language and gets it!

Most of our clients are located in the United States. We provided custom software development services for clients in industries with very strict regulations such as medical device and financial services. Exceeding client expectations in these industries position us as a top offshoring vendor in the United States.

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Our development center in Jordan

American Software Development Standards

English & Arabic Speaking Software Developers

Why Integrant

Because we know the importance of communication. We ensure we hire engineers who speak English and Arabic fluently. Middle Eastern companies are global corporations with staff and customers from all over the world.
With Integrant, you can directly speak with your engineering teams and expect clear communication with global stakeholders. When you work with us, we give you the option to interview our engineers, test their knowledge, and create a team that works for you!

Looking For an Arabic Speaking Software Development Company in Jordan – Choose Us!

✅We understand your culture
✅We speak your language
✅We travel to meet with your team
✅We work in your time zone
✅We are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
✅We hold ourselves to high software quality standards
✅We constantly work to master new technologies
✅We are held to strict IP and Security standards
✅We have experience working with American companies for 25+ years
✅We don’t consider a project done until you do


As an American software development company in Jordan, many companies trust us to not only build quality applications, but also in our ability to communicate effectively to create exactly what they want. We welcome projects for businesses in Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Arabic speaking countries in the gulf area.
Here are some examples of our software development industry expertise:


Manufacturing & Logistics




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We get it… We’ve heard it all...

It’s 2018… You can’t hire all your engineers onsite and onshore.
You are concerned about sacrificing productivity and finding skilled engineers.
You had a bad experience working with an offshore team in the past.
At Integrant, we address all of these concerns head-on, and differentiate ourselves for all of the following reasons:

100% transparency through reporting ● English speaking engineers ● Frequent communications ● Agile/DevOps methodology ● Ability to cancel anytime ● Top Talent ● 10x Teams ● Experience working onsite – U.S. locations ● 24/7 availability ● Lighting speed responsiveness ● High employee retention (Avg. of 5+ years) ● Decade-long client engagements ● Flexibility to ramp up or down

We also offer prospective clients the option to work with us for one full sprint before paying for anything! That’s how confident we are that you’ll love working with us. Looking for a custom software development company in Jordan?

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JavaScript | Angular, React, Knockout, Typescript, NodeJS, VueJS
Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
Hybrid Mobile | Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, React Native
Data + Analytics | PowerBI, SSRS, MicroStrategy, Tableau, Xpath, NoSQL
Test Automation | Selenium, Protractor, Robot, MS Coded UI, Appium, Xamarin Test Cloud
Methods | Microservices, Continuous Integration + Delivery, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development & more!


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