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It’s no secret that the tech industry experiences high turnover rates. In 2017, the tech sector topped turnover rates at a whopping 13.2%, beating out retail at 13%. Several specific occupations within the industry skyrocketed to over a 20% turnover rate!

What does that tell us? It tells us a couple of things. One: tech is a competitive industry especially with the increasing need. And two: we better have a plan B to ensure we meet project deadlines. Enter Integrant’s Extended Notice Program™: a proactive approach to anticipating, managing, and transitioning turnover.

What is the Extended Notice Program™?

This is an incentive program for key developers and testers. Employees receive a two-month bonus when they give Integrant a four-month notice before resigning. This lets us know if/when they are exploring external job opportunities allowing us to keep or transition employees.

You may be thinking, “four months is a long time!” Egyptian and Jordanian labor law requires a two-month resignation period. This and the extra two-months allow us time to transition. During that time, we would have a new developer or tester work alongside the resigned employee for knowledge transfer. We often use this type of project shadowing in our 4Plus1 Program™. In 4Plus1, we add a shadow engineer to every team of four. This ensures there are always non-billable developers and testers who understand project nuances and can jump in at any time.

How Does the Extended Notice Program™ Work?

Eligible employees can join this optional program by enrolling with their manager. They would enact the program by submitting a four-month notice to their manager. Then, project leads work to transition project information to another developer or tester. At the conclusion of his/her employment, we reward the employee with a two-month bonus. Employees in the program may opt out or withdraw their resignation notice at any time.

Why the Extended Notice Program™?

The Extended Notice Program™ helps Integrant identify key players working on our projects. This lets us be proactive in recognizing alternate developers, testers, and project managers. The Extended Notice and 4Plus1 Programs™ together increase our ability to train and promote employees. They also help us diversify in-house skill sets. The Extended Notice Program™ alone has several benefits. It acts as a recruiting tool in a competitive job market. It improves communication between management and employees. It ensures efficient knowledge transfer to prevent delays and to hit project deadlines. And most important, it guarantees a higher rate of client satisfaction..

How Prepared is Your Software Development Outsourced Vendor?

There are many factors when considering using an outsourced software development vendor. Are they proactive or reactive? What is their retention rate? What tools guarantee timely project deliverables or employee job satisfaction? At Integrant, we recognize the importance of appreciating our employees and keeping our retention high. In fact, the average engineer stays with us for more than 5 years. Learn more about how to make a positive impact on project efficiency and company culture by contacting us today!

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