Agile Transformation

Self-organized teams, continuous improvement, and a one-team mindset are just some of the things we excel at when it comes to Agile development. We’ve taken the time to hone in on the key principles of Agile to master a process that reduces your risk, increases your project success, and provides the analytics you need to rest assured your project is running smoothly.

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Agile Transformation the Integrant Way

At Integrant, we’re always learning. As part of that process, we continually raise the bar when it comes to identifying ways to improve our processes. That means giving a hard look at how we were approaching Agile and the key components that would make us the most successful on any project regardless of the requirements or obstacles. Here are our keys to a successful Agile process:


Self-Organized Teams: Our self-organized teams take pride in their work and are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your project is delivered the way you want.


Continuous Delivery: We work around roadblocks and obstacles to make as much progress as we can. We’ll never delay or take extra time we don’t need.


Ready to Pivot: In software, we know things can change instantly. That’s why the only idea we’re ever married to is providing customer success. How we get there is always a unique journey and we’re ready for the unexpected.


Constant Communication: Underlying the ability to continuously deliver and self-organized team is making sure we understand each other and are in complete alignment for the best chance at success.


Problem-Solving and One-Team Effort: Being able to solve problems as a team and taking the best idea with no ego is key in making sure projects move forward with the best solution possible.


Our Agile Transformation Secret Weapon: CodeVoyance

CodeVoyance is the key when it comes to safeguarding your software project from risk and disaster while ensuring top tier customer service, software quality, and a positive experience with an outsourced software development vendor.

CodeVoyance is more than a reporting platform. It stems from ensuring the right processes are in place to get the best understanding (data) from our teams and then turning it into analytics so you can see what’s coming and make the best decisions.

CodeVoyance aims to roadmap continued successful and efficiency for software development projects in two ways:

Shift how engineers think about Agile to form stable and effective teams and

Build software that meets business needs

Day in and day out, we plan to do that by safeguarding the success of software development projects by empowering stakeholders, software engineering leaders, and teams and individuals with analytics. These analytics provide a clear picture of project status, proactively uncovers roadblocks, and enables data-driven decisions to constantly improve the health of software projects.

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