Integrant's 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program

Our teams, processes, reporting, and technical and non-technical talent combine to create an ecosystem that gets you predictable results you can count on. Our 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program helps safeguard your project predictability, stability, and more.

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Form Your Team

We assign a team of best-fit engineers to your program. For every four engineers, an additional shadow engineer is added at no cost to you.


Shadow and Learn

Shadow engineers work side-by-side with the core team assigned to you. They work on the same user stories and attend the same meetings as core programmers. This pair programming technique allows shadow engineers to learn your unique problems to solve in your distinct development environment.


Extended Resources

The longer you partner with us, the more engineers you have at your fingertips that are trained on your specific applications, processes, and domain. Shadow engineers rotate between programs to give them a wider breadth of knowledge and experience.


Experience the Difference

Shadow engineers add value to your organization in multiple ways:

  1. They allow you to scale up quickly because they’re already embedded within the team.
  2. They increase your capacity by providing extra help when needed.
  3. They improve your velocity because they need no ramp-up time. They’re already trained on your business, project, and domain.
  4. They ensure stability for when deadlines get shortened and your resources get cut

Our 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program in Action

Our proven engineering program has bolstered hundreds of projects. Here are just a few ways the 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program can give you peace of mind for your ongoing or upcoming project.

Easily Expand an In-Demand or Hard-to-Recruit Skill

Hiring for an in-demand skill and having a hard time finding high-quality candidates to fill the position? With this program, scale specific skills quickly and easily.

Meet Deadlines

Roadblocks, change requests, and setbacks are a necessary fact of life when it comes to producing software. 4Plus1 almost guarantees your project will never miss a deadline.

Scale Up Quickly

4Plus1 gives you access to engineers who are up to speed and ready-to-go with your business knowledge and project domain at your fingertips.

Feel Safe with Your Complex Domain

Is your business or project extremely complex? Does it take a long time for onboarded engineers to get up to speed? This program minimizes downtime for your project by making sure there are always engineers knowledgeable on your project.

4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Benefits

Our program works hard behind the scenes so you don’t have to. We’re happy to have a program that not only benefits our customers, but our employees as well.


Project Stability

Our pre-prepared engineers are your rock. No wrench is big enough to throw us off our plan since our engineers are already trained in your project, business, and domain.


Flexibility to Scale

Discover the freedom that flexibility provides. Scale up or down quickly by adding engineers or taking them off. The 4Plus1 Program flexes with your business.


More UpTime

We specialize in helping complex businesses minimize their downtime by providing the best engineers on the market.


Clear Capacity

Our superpower is knowing how to increase the capacity of your organization. We’ve already formed, normed, and stormed


Refreshed Engineers

Having additionally trained engineers allows 10 weeks for PTO and career development, which results in more refreshed engineers and a seamless project experience.


Scope Creep Protection

It happens. We minimize it with the ace up our sleeve: the shadow engineer.

4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program Case Studies

See how our clients have used 4Plus1 to safeguard their project skillsets, timelines, teams, stability, and more.

This program is a win-win-win. Activate this value-add today.

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Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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