Generic WPF CrudControl

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Integrant team members Muhammed Magdy El Sayed and Abdulrahman Emad Gaber authored two CodeProject articles that address Generic WPF Crud Control and Solution Design. Both articles are highly rated and worth the read.


The articles discuss a generic WPF CrudControl implemented based on the MVVM pattern. This gives a huge productivity boost for straightforward CRUD operations (Add, Edit, Delete, Validate, Listing with sorting, paging, and searching). The implementation requires relatively minimal coding effort, while keeping it possible to customize behavior. We have applied this reusable control about 20 times in developing a medical business-line application.


– The solution design article walks you through the implementation details.
– The getting started article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the control.
– You can enhance the control in this repository and use it directly through this NuGet package.

Take a look, add your comments, and enjoy!

Muhammed has been with Integrant since 2012 and Abdulrahman since 2015.

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