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Create a winning formula of people, process, and analytics. We secure customer success by predicting and removing challenges of software development.

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GRIT is the secret sauce at the core of each of our employees. At Integrant, grit means getting the job done and never giving up. Our engineers are relentless in their pursuit of your success whether that means finding an innovative solution to a seemingly common problem, working diligently to adhere to a seemingly unrealistic release schedule, or getting back on track after a seemingly inevitable setback. We believe if our employees have grit, they can accomplish anything.


Our team shows up. TOGETHER. We just roll up our sleeves and get right in the thick of it. Our engineers individually take ownership in their work and actions, which rolls up to the team level, giving our customers’ teams that are a breeze to work with. This means that we focus on putting one in the win column for our customers no matter what their goals are. We also strive to put one in the win column for our engineers’ development and growth. We care about winning as one team.


We will always be real with our engineers and customers. And maybe even show our vulnerable side once in a while. We know everything can’t always be sunshine and roses. We take the challenging with the good, but rest assured our number one priority is always a one-team win. We will always come to the table ready to go with solutions. To us, open communication and honesty are critical in building long-lasting partnerships with our customers and just as importantly, our teams.


We’re always ready. From tight timelines to lack of capacity, from budget constraints to project unknowns, we’ve got your back. We have ready-to-go teams that have been tested and primed. We take care to identify which of our engineers work best together to shape your ideal dream team. Our use of Agile means we’re ready to pivot before you are. Our proactive planning means we spend a lot of time thinking about our engineers’ development, our technology roadmap, and how we’re going to consistently evolve with each of our customers and ultimately, how to guarantee your success. We dare you to try to surprise us!


We’ll always do what’s right for our employees, our customers, and ourselves. Always. That’s why we hire and offer our best engineers to work on your projects. That’s why we painstakingly build teams utilizing 12+ different factors from culture fit to skillset to communication style and more. That’s why we work with companies we value and want to help make their mark on the world. That’s why we have a people over profits approach. For our employees, we will always provide a fair, transparent working environment for them to thrive and grow. Our employees are integral to our success and we value their dedication and passion. Our internal policies are created and evolve with their best interests in mind. For our customers, we’ll always be fair. Whether it’s pricing, resource quality and allocation, recommendations, or solutions, our moral compass always points north. If we think there’s a better solution, we’ll tell you. If we think we can do better, we’ll tell you. If we think you can do better, we’ll tell you. We’ll always tell you what you need to know because we see this as a true partnership.


Our commitment to a service-oriented software approach is second-to-none. From policies to programs, methodologies, and our custom software, we do everything with service in mind. Service to us means that internally and externally, we are committed to providing value, ensuring stability and reducing risk, being easy to work with, providing transparency, and solving problems on a daily basis. We’ve found that service-oriented engineers are passionate, strive for more, take ownership, solve problems, and communicate well. They’re also dedicated to their own growth, their team, and our customers, and to achieve customer goals.

Our end goals and culture were built with our customers in mind. Connect with our experts to learn what makes the Integrant way a unique experience.

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Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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